Egypt Immigration Services

Newland Chase offers full support with all aspects of corporate immigration to Egypt. Please find an overview of the typical corporate immigration processes below. Every situation is unique, so please do get in touch, either through your usual Newland Chase contact or using the details on the right hand side of the page. Our immigration experts will be glad to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Immigration Summary

A work permit is the standard corporate immigration process for high-level employees/managers. Entry visas are required depending on nationality. Post arrival, a medical is required to finalise the work permit and residence permit. Work permits are limited under a quota scheme, whereby no more than 10% of the total work force may be foreign nationals. Work permits can only be renewed up to four times to make a maximum of five years in total.

The Temporary Work Authorisation process allows the applicant to enter Egypt for limited work activities for a specified short-term period (under 60 days), usually remaining on home-country contract. The application process is much quicker and less document intensive than a full work permit process. If the work exceeds 30 days, the 10% quota is applicable.