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On-Demand COVID-19 Webinar | The Nimble Program: 4 Travel and Mobility Tips to Successfully Manage the Unexpected (16 SEPT 2020)

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On-Demand COVID-19 Webinar | Long-Term and Permanent Residency Options for Australia and Canada (2 SEPT 2020)

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On-Demand COVID-19 Webinar | Office Not Required: Travel and Mobility Impacts of Work from Home Policies (29 July 2020)

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Immigration News

COVID-19: Latest Travel and Immigration Updates

September 18, 2020

View our comprehensive guide, which gathers together the knowledge and data we have on entry restrictions, immigration restrictions (office closures, visa suspensions, etc.) and immigration concessions, worldwide. Updated twice daily as new information is released. 

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AUSTRALIA: Employer-Sponsored Visa Changes September 2020

September 3, 2020

The Australian Government has announced a number of changes to the employer-sponsored visa program, with the aim to fill urgent skills needs in critical sectors while also ensuring that Australian workers have first access to job vacancies.

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SINGAPORE: Changes to Minimum Qualifying Salary and Advertising Requirement

August 28, 2020

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has raised the minimum Qualifying Fixed Monthly Salary for NEW applications for EP and S Pass and extended the FCF job advertising requirements to include S Pass applications submitted from Thursday 1 October 2020.

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UK Home Office Webinar Q&A | A First-Hand Exploration of the UK’s New Immigration System

August 26, 2020

Further to the recent UK Home Office webinar, view our Q&A report which provides answers to your most pressing questions on the UK’s new, post-Brexit immigration system.

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COVID-19 Webinar Q&A | Office Not Required: Travel and Mobility Impacts of Work from Home Policies

August 21, 2020

Posted Worker regulations have become a hot topic of discussion in the European mobility industry. Yet another new Directive comes into effect from 30 July 2020, which will see further revisions to posted worker employment conditions (“equal pay for equal work”), and reductions in the assignment duration, during which only limited host country conditions need to be applied. This FAQ addresses many concerns your business may have.

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