AUSTRALIA: 457 visa sponsorship limits revoked

Having been introduced in July 2013, the sponsorship limits that restricted the number of 457 nominations made by employers have been effectively revoked by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Under the 457 visa program, when applying for a Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS), employers are required to request a projected number of nominations to coincide with the anticipated number of employees they wish to sponsor.
As of 14 January 2014, the DIBP will now consider this projected number as more of an estimate, rather than a strict limit on the number of nominations an employer can make during their granted period of sponsorship. As such, any SBS granted after 14 February 2014 will now enable employers to nominate and sponsor a greater number of employees for 457 visas than the number initially requested in their applications.
However, any SBS granted before 14 February 2014 will continue to be subject to the strict sponsorship limits, meaning employers will have to apply to vary their SBS should they need to increase their projected number of nominations.
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