BRAZIL: New Immigration Law Takes Effect

On 21st November 2017, Decree 9.199/2017 was published and the new Brazilian immigration law (13.445/2017) took effect.

It is important to note that the normative resolutions which provide guidelines for visa processing have not yet been published, and until they are published applications under the new law will not be available.

The new law, described by Newland Chase in June 2017 introduces several significant changes to the immigration rules in Brazil:

  • The introduction of a new visitor visa, for various activities including tourism and business, consulting and auditing services and the crew of foreign ships;
  • The elimination of the permanent visa;
  • The creation of a residence permit available to all foreign nationals in Brazil on a temporary or visitor visa;
  • An increase in the time allowed to register a temporary visa after entering the country to 90 days. The deadline to perform an in-country change of status from visitor visa to residence permit is 30 days.

Our Advice

Employers of foreign nationals working in Brazil are advised to consult their Newland Chase immigration specialist for the latest details about the implementation of the new law.

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