CANADA: Government Announces Global Skills Strategy

Immigration Minister John McCallum confirmed that government will introduce new work permit programs aimed at supporting high growth companies in attracting highly skilled talent from around the world.  The Global Skills Strategy has three components:

  1. A two-week processing standard for visas and work permits for low risk, high skilled talent
  2. Creation of a dedicated service channel for companies that make large investments in Canada
  3. Create a work permit exemption for work that is 30 days or less in areas that are low risk. This would include academic projects as well

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his party campaigned on a promise of creating growth to help the middle class.  They argue that the Global Skills Strategy supports that goal by allowing companies to fill skill shortages with foreign workers which, in turn, will facilitate growth and the employment of more Canadians. There is intense demand globally for highly skilled knowledge workers and Canada does not want to be left behind because of cumbersome immigration processes.

The Immigration Minister did not provide details of the new regulations at the 30th November announcement but promised to introduce the new programs sometime in 2017. 

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