CANADA: Quebec Immigration Program Reaches Limit in One Day

Quebec Immigration opened its online application system on 16th August and received 5000 applications for immigration under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program in a mere five hours.  The online application system, which is known as Mon Projet Quebec, will only accept applications that are validated and complete which meant that all of the hopeful applicants had carefully prepared their applications well in advance of the intake date.  A previous intake in June also yielded 5000 applications and the province has now reached its overall cap of 10,000 applications for the fiscal year.


The Province of Quebec reached an agreement on immigration with the Government of Canada in 1971.   This agreement gives the province more control over immigration selection than the other Canadian provinces enjoy.  Quebec”s selection is focused on two principal programs.  One is aimed at attracting business immigrants and investors and the other is for skilled workers.  Provincial immigration officials review all applications and issue Selection Certificates (CSQs) to successful applicants.  Individuals who receive a CSQ must also pass federal security and medical reviews before obtaining their permanent residence status in Canada.  The Province is expecting to receive 26,200 skilled workers and 5,400 business immigrants before March 2017. 

Quebec Immigration also has jurisdiction over temporary workers and foreign students.  A foreign worker or foreign student must obtain an Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) before they can be issued a study or work permit. 

Next steps

Quebec is a very popular choice for prospective immigrants who have a good command of the French language.  Quebec offers immigration opportunities to people who may not qualify under Canada”s Express Entry or other economic migration programs.  Anyone interested in obtaining a CSQ should have their applications completely prepared and monitor the Quebec Immigration website to submit the application as the intake portal opens. 

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