CANADA: Tightening of Citizenship and Biometric Rules

On 11th June 2015, Canada implemented reforms to its Citizenship Act in an attempt to deter benefit tourism. To be eligible for citizenship applicants must now:
  • have physically remained in Canada for a minimum of 1,460 days (4 years) over the past 2,160 days (6 years);

  • have absences not in excess of 183 days in any of the last 4 years;

  • have to apply through CIC website and not on paper forms;

  • meet language and knowledge requirements in French or English.

This comes as on the 4th June 2015, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced plans to expand Canada”s biometric screening program over the coming years to assist the Canada Border Services Agency maintain control over increased immigration and heightening terrorist threats. In addition applicants will incur costs for enrolling biometrics at $85 Canadian per applicant.
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