CHINA: Beijing Launching Foreign Employment Management System

The Beijing Bureau of labor and social security, is launching a new Foreign Employment Management System for all work permit applications which will affect work permit e registration, the new system is expected to be available from the 4th January 2016, 

It is understood that the new system will assist the bureau with monitoring expired or unused work permits that have not to date been deregistered. The new system will see a number of significant changes to the process, which includes a mandatory online registration. Companies will be required to register and activate an account with the Beijing Labor Bureau before they can use the new online system.

Employers in Beijing are being advised that they may be required to deregister expired work permits that have not already been deregistered, and they may further be required to deregister valid work permits for employment that has been terminated earlier than anticipated.                                        

Employers and Applicants in Beijing are currently being pre advised that once the new system goes live, work permit processing times may take slightly longer than normal, as companies must file all work permit applications online and obtain from the bureau before submitting their physical application package.

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