COLOMBIA: Additional Documents Required for TP-4 Work Visa Applications

Since early March 2016, the Colombian Foreign Ministry has been requesting additional documents in support of applications for TP-4 temporary work visas and beneficiary visas for dependents.

Which documents are required?

  • For initial application for TP-4 temporary work visa for local hires: Employment contract;

  • For TP-4 visa renewals: Employment certification issued by the Colombian company;

  • For beneficiary visas: Marriage and birth certificates issued and legalised within the three months prior to the visa application.

Action Items

  • Employers in Colombia should be ready to submit these additional documents at the time of application to avoid delays. If the documents are requested by the Ministry at a later stage, it may take up to 30 calendar days to finally approve the visa.

  • At present, the employment contract is only being requested in the case of TP-4 visas. However, it is expected that the employment contract may also be requested for applications for TP-13 work visas for local hires.

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