Important notification for all UK Sponsors

This week the UK Border Agency announced that, from 30 July 2012, Sponsors will no longer be notified when certain requests to change Sponsor details have been granted.

Instead, Sponsors can now use the “view recent and outstanding requests” or “view user list” function in their Sponsorship Management System (SMS) to track the progress and the outcome of some of the requests.

If the UKBA refuses or rejects a request it will continue to provide the reasons for the refusal or rejection by sending an email to the authorising officer.

Where Sponsors submit a request using a change of circumstances form the UKBA will always notify of the outcome by letter.

The UKBA have provided a table giving details of the circumstances where it will not write to a Sponsor if it approves their request.

The UKBA will continue to notify Sponsors of the approval of a request by letter where:

  • Sponsors request a new level 1 user where the only other existing level 1 user has been de-activated or has left the company;

  • Sponsors request a change to their organisation details as a result of a merger or takeover;

  • Sponsors request any other change to their sponsor details such as the addition of a branch or appointment of a representative to act on their behalf.

If you require any clarification on the above, we will be glad to provide guidance.

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