IRELAND: Changes Implemented to Improve Immigration Processes

Several changes have now officially been implemented by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) and the Department of Justice and Equality (DJEI) in the hope to improve processes and eliminate significant delays as applications have faced earlier this year.

As of next Monday, 12th October 2015, the preliminary application checking service completed by the Employment Pass Section will be abolished. Applications will no longer be pre-checked as a part of the service and will instead be returned to the applicant. It is to be noted that incomplete applications received at the DJEI will be returned to the applicant within 48 hours and record of “refused/returned” applications will no longer be logged.

Further attempt to ensure applications are not held at the DJEI and are processed promptly, applicants submitting fees via electronic fund transfers are now required to pay all application fees within 5 working days of submission.  Application fees not received within the permitted time now face the risk of rejection.

To assist with eliminating the long queues formulating at the GNIB offices, the GNIB Public Office in Burgh Quay in Dublin has now formulated a structured opening regime dependant on the application type. With immediate effect the office is now open for registration applications on Mondays and Tuesdays only and renewal applications from Wednesday to Friday. The structured process has continued and allows migrant workers and those competing business Ireland to complete their applications early morning under a priority route in order to reduce their time away from the office and essentially their time at the office. Furthermore, the DJEI can be seen to be accommodating  students and abolishing their need to visit the GNIB office at this time.

In a further attempt to decrease the long queues which have been formulating, the GNIB office may now be open on the weekends on a temporary basis to accommodate the vast applications being submitted.

It is also to be noted that all dependants of work permit holders are now required to reside in Ireland for at least one month, prior to submitting a multiple entry visa application. Previously, dependants could submit multiple entry visa application upon their arrival into Ireland whilst completing their GNIB residency registrations. The new regulation has now officially been enforced to assist with establishing the legitimate proof of intent to settle in Ireland.

Though the DJEI faced significant delays earlier this year, processing times for applications are now approximately 4-5 weeks from submission. With the above mentioned changes being implemented, the Irish immigration authorities are hoping to see a further efficient and rapid turnaround on all applications.



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