IRELAND: DJEI Trusted Partner Initiative Launch

On 12th May, the Irish government launched the “Trusted Partner Initiative” which allows registered groups of employers or contractors from the EEA to cut visa registration time and paperwork when making applications for their workforce.

According to the scheme”s promoters, it will benefit those eligible by providing the following:

•  Fast turnaround of Trusted Partner registration applications: within 2 working days for complete application

•  Status valid for 2 years

•  No fee

•  Reduced paperwork for every permit applied for under the scheme

•  Shortened employment permit application forms

•  Faster turnaround of Trusted Partner employment permit applications.

To be considered eligible for the scheme you must satisfy the following criteria:

• Be registered with the Office of Revenue Commissioners

• Be registered with the Companies Registration Office/Registry of Friendly Societies (where applicable)

• Have no recent employment violations

• Applications forms signed by Company Secretary or Owner


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