IRELAND: New Shortage Occupations List

Ireland”s Employment Permits (Amended) Regulations have been revised, effective 1st September 2015, to accommodate the current dynamics of the Irish labour market. The highly skilled, or shortage occupations, and ineligible occupations lists have been updated to accommodate shifting demands, mainly in the technology and medical industries.

Amongst the additions to the shortage list now qualifying for Critical Skills Employment Permits are: IT and telecommunication engineers, chiropractors, mobility instructors for the visually impaired, radiation therapists, orthoptists and prosthetists.

The shortage list revision has inevitably had a direct but rather dramatic knock on effect on the ineligible list, with an array of service industry jobs removed. These are mainly management occupations in healthcare and social services along with graphic designers, property managers, bookmakers, librarians and opticians.   

Sponsors and work permit applicants should also be wary of the new version of the work permit application form, effective 31st August. Using the wrong form will lead either to a refusal or delays with your application. 

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