LITHUANIA: New Immigration Tool Launched

At the beginning of this month Lithuania launched a new information portal, with the intention of attracting specialists and investors from outside the EU. The portal has been designed to simplify the application process, enabling Lithuanian companies to employ highly skilled workers from other parts of the world.

The main element of this initiative is the launch of, a website detailing the advantages of living in Lithuania and promoting the region to prospective workers. The portal also comprehensively explains the procedures involved in obtaining an EU Blue Card, which allows skilled non-EU nationals to live and gain employment in the EU.

Prior to this launch there had been no central informational tool which described how to obtain an EU Blue Card to live and work in Lithuania. It is hoped this scheme will help attract specialists in growing industries such as the IT sector.

This launch follows the “memorandum of understanding” between the Ministries of the Economy, Social Security and Labour, and the Interior Ministry and the Labour Exchange which was signed in October 2015.

The memorandum sets out a number of key targets the parties will aim to reach an agreement on, including the reduction of administrative obstacles for highly skilled specialists and streamlining the procedures involved in acquiring Lithuanian temporary residence permits.

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