MALAYSIA: Professional Visit Pass Applications

From Sunday 15th June, employers applying for Professional Visit Passes on behalf of their non-Malaysian national employees, will be required to appoint a representative responsible for submitting applications to the Malaysian Immigration Department (MID) Headquarters in Putrajaya in person. Although this requirement was originally due to come into effect in June 2013, the MID is now committed to implementing the change in response to recent criticism.  

When the corporate representative makes an application in person, they will also be required to verify the applying employee”s identity by submitting a recent Employee Provident Fund statement showing 3 months” contributions immediately preceding the Professional Visit Pass application. The MID has confirmed that this will be the only proof of identification it will accept for issuing the passes. This new mandatory requirement has been enacted as a measure to prevent fraudulent applications and adds an extra step for employers in the process for obtaining a Professional Visit Pass.

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