NETHERLANDS: Reform to the Monthly Salary Requirement for Knowledge Migrant Workers

Last month, the Dutch parliament passed a number of important amendments on The Dutch Alien Act 2000.
The recent adjustments have modified the salary eligibility of “Knowledge Migrant Workers” specifically with regards to the monthly salary requirements, disqualifying many previous forms of allowance and salary considerations.
In order to meet the monthly gross salary requirements, migrants and watchful employers must now be extra vigilant to ensure that fixed monthly salary and permitted allowances meet the current threshold.
The minimum gross income per month as per the policy can be found below:
  • Knowledge Migrant older than 30 years: 4,189 Euro

  • Knowledge Migrant younger than 30 years: 3,071 Euro

  • Knowledge Migrant Graduates/ Highly Educated: 2,201 Euro

It is important to note that now only fixed monthly salary and allowances are to be considered as a part of “Knowledge Migrant” applications.
The following will no longer be considered to meet the monthly salary requirements:
  • Salary which is not monthly fixed (E.G. overtime and tips);

  • Holiday allowances;

  • Salaries paid in the value of donations and gifts;

  • Rental accommodation that is paid directly and does not enter the Migrant”s personal bank account; and

  • Guaranteed allowances that are paid per annum cannot be included unless it is paid monthly.

From now on applicants are to ensure all allowances are outlined within their employment contracts to comply with the new regulations.
Taking the above into consideration, Newland Chase advise all employers to review all applications and ensure migrants meet the salary requirements based on the new reforms.
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