NIGERIA: Increased Penalties for Overstaying on Temporary Nigerian Visas

The new term of the temporary Nigerian visa – for temporary tourists, business and general visitors, has been updated to just 56 days, with various penalties for overstaying.

The new limit can be exceeded in select circumstances however provided the designated fees are paid in advance of visa expiry date. This includes where in country stay is not exceeded by 90 days ($200) or where 90 days is exceeded but not by 180 days ($1000) and where 180 days are exceeded but not 365 days ($2 000).

The length of stay for temporary visa holders has been reduced but the penalties, by contrast, have risen quite steeply. Deviants under the new regime are punishable with a fine comprised of the full extension fee applicable for the period of overstaying and the same sum on top. 

This can translate to a very costly state of affairs for the unsuspecting overstayer. Where a temporary visa is extended beyond 90 days for example but the overstayer remains in Nigeria for over 180 days, he will be lumbered with $1000 extension fee together with a $1000 fine.  

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