RUSSIA: Moscow Migration Office Currently Issues Invitation Letters in Electronic Format Only

Effective 11th December, the Moscow Migration Department has stopped accepting requests to issue Letters of Invitation (LOIs) in official paper form. LOIs can now only be issued as electronic documents.

Who is affected?

Companies accredited with the Moscow Migration Department as inviting organizations.

How does it work?

The LOI application form must include a request to issue the LOI in electronic form;

Conformation of payment of the state fee is required when submitting the application;

A visa can only be issued by the Russian consulate indicated in the completed LOI application form.


  • Currently, LOIs cannot be corrected in case of mistakes.
  • The issuance of paper LOIs is expected to resume in early 2018.

Our Advice

Companies applying for invitation letters from the Moscow Migration Department should ensure the correct procedure is followed to avoid delays.

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