SINGAPORE: Applications to Transfer to an Online System

As of 1st June, the immigration authorities in Singapore are switching to electronic application submission for most categories. Only the following 5 types of Work Pass applications for Singapore will continue to be considered if submitted manually:

• DP/LVTP of PEP, Entrepass and Sponsorship pass holder

• Entrepass

• Miscellaneous Work Pass

• Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

• Employment Pass (EP) and Third Party Sponsorship

Whilst Singapore has always worked with an advanced electronic system for the submission of immigration applications, it appears the government is set to further improve efficiency and processing times.

All first time applicants will be required to register online and may be required to submit additional documentation to clarify the nature of their business activity for compliance purposes. It would be prudent to note that additional processing time may be required for first time applicants.

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