Singaporean Ministry of Manpower Tightens Fair Consideration Framework

The Singaporean Ministry of Manpower (MoM) have warned that applications for the Singaporean Employment Pass (EP) will not be accepted should they not specify their salary range when advertising on Jobsbank.

This new requirement, which comes into effect on 1st October 2015, arrives in addition to the extensive pre-existing interviewing and advertising specifications and standards set out in the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF). Failing to meet these standards, in particular the salary details, will jeopardise the entire Employment Pass application, which will be immediately rejected. A fresh advert would then be required and a minimum advertising period of 14 calendar days would need to be observed before the fresh application would be compliant.

However, this is not an isolated requirement. Many countries include measures to protect their native labour market, requiring the equivalent of a UK Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT). These tests require a fastidious eye and careful consideration to ensure that once the test has elapsed, employers are able to mobilise their work force and not have wasted weeks of patience.

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