SLOVENIA: EU Single Permit Instigated

On the 13th December 2011 the European Parliament and European Council issued a directive aiming to increase cohesion of member state policy on non-EU national immigration statuses. Since then, participating member states have introduced Single Permits which allow applicants a standardised set of rights, gained through an EU standardised application system, resulting in an EU standardised permit.

The Slovenian government and legislature have been slow to adapt to the directive, missing the December 2013 deadline by over a year. Nevertheless, in spite of opposition, the directive has now been enforced. This now provides the below benefits and considerations for non- EU member state applicants:

  • Applications can be lodged by the applicant, their employer or a representative of one of the “contracting parties” on their behalf at a local consulate or embassy.

  • Alternatively all applications may be lodged at the local administrative unit in Slovenia where the applicant will reside or work by the Sponsor.

  • Passport validity must exceed the length of stay by at least three months.

  • Consent will be granted by the Employment Service of Slovenia not the local administrative unit.

  • The permit may only be granted for a maximum period of a year and no greater period than the length of contract upon which the application may be based. This permit may be renewed.

Similar rules are in place for “Third Country” applicants, but we would recommend checking with a provider before taking steps.

If you have any queries regarding EU Single Permits in Slovenia or any other participating member state, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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