SOUTH AFRICA: Home Affairs Committee Urges Compliance with Visa Regulations

The South African committee on Home Affairs have released a statement urging visitors to the country to familiarise themselves with their immigration rules and regulations before travelling.

The committee released a statement stating; “We would like to urge potential visitors from all countries of origin to inform themselves about our immigration regime and also encourage travel agents to do the same so as to advise their travelling clients correctly.”

The statement given by the committee, was published in an attempt to try to aid travel in and out of the Republic following a number of foreign tourists who have been rejected from entering the country. 

Lemias Mashile, Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs, also stressed that compliance with the rules strengthens the safety and security of travellers and citizens of the Republic, he said that, “The immigration regulations … offer security on human trafficking that is rife nowadays. It is important that our visitors should comply with the requirements for their own security and ours.”

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