SWITZERLAND: Government Reduction in Work Permit Quota Hits Short Term Visa Applicants

In December 2014 the Ordinance on Admission, Stay and Employment that determines the level of skilled migration to Switzerland was amended to lower the quota for both B and L permits for each quarter. Nearly a year down the line and the consequences are manifesting themselves, as no more L permits will now be issued until the final quarter of 2015 unless under exceptional circumstances.

B Permit – Initial Residence Permit

These residency permits initially permit residency for one year but can be renewed from then on annually. You are also required to have proof of a contract or university place for the year you are applying for. B Permits are allocated under a strict annual quota.

L Permit– Short-Term Residence Permit

This work permit is typically granted for up to a year and limits where an applicant can live and work. In certain circumstances leave can be extended to a maximum of 2 years. L Permits are also subject to quotas. Once the B Permit cap is reached B Permit applicants are issued with L Permits instead.

L Permit Quota filled for Third quarter

As of this month, businesses and potential migrants should note that the decrease in the cap on L Permit migrants has resulted in the quota being met extremely early into the quarter. There will now be no further L Permits available until 1st October 2015. Newland Chase would recommend that employers and migrants consult before applying for a work visa to Switzerland to see whether their application could be considered “exceptional” or to look into alternative options.

Who will this affect?

  • Short-term migrants to Switzerland

  • Employers with Swiss companies, interests or subsidiaries

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