Taiwan Nationals No Longer Require Endorsement to Enter Mainland China

According to statistics from China Economic Net, the number of Taiwanese nationals who entered and exited China reached over 10 million in 2014. As of 1st July 2015, the Exit/Entry Administration policies for Taiwanese nationals who enter and stay in Mainland China have been amended. The changes to the policies are as follows:

•     Taiwanese nationals no longer need  to obtain Domestic / Residence Endorsements to enter and exit China. Taiwanese nationals can enter China with their usual TaiBaoZheng which is normally valid for 5 years.
•    The Public Security, Exit/Entry Bureau or the relevant authorized organization will stop issuing the Domestic / Residence Endorsements, while the Port of Exit/Entry and Immigration Inspection will no longer check for the Residence Endorsement.

•    Taiwanese nationals are required to register the Temporary Residence Registration Form (TRRF) upon arrival in Mainland China despite the Domestic / Residence Endorsement no longer being required. Under the previous policy, the registration is only required if the individual is staying in Mainland China for more than 90 days. Under new policy, the registration is required regardless of the number of days in China and must be done within 24 to 72 hours depending on place of stay.

If the Taiwanese nationals stay in hotels, restaurants, schools, office units and etc., they need to register the TRRF after check in.

If the Taiwanese nationals stay with family or friends in Mainland China, they must go to the designated Police Station to register the TRRF within 24 hours upon arrival in Mainland China (extended up to 72 hours if the place of stay is at remote location).

The local Public Security Bureau or Exit/Entry Bureau is expected to release further details regarding the above new developments in due course.

For those who are working or will be working in Mainland China, the Work Permit application is still required as per the usual process.  

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