Tier 4 Students: Please Note the Following

We recently received important guidance direct from UKBA on 2 important issues which have caused some confusion for Tier 4 foreign students at UK universities.

1) When a sponsor”s licence is revoked – students have 60 days to change sponsor, which starts at the point the UK Border Agency curtails the student”s leave, rather than the date the sponsor”s licence is revoked.

2) “Established presence” – when  a foreign student has studied in the UK for at least for at least six months they would be considered to have an “established presence.”  Such applications require funds amounting to the course fees required:- i) either for the remaining academic year if the applicant is applying part-way through  ii) for the next academic year if the applicant will continue or commence a new course at the start of the next academic year, or iii) for the entire course if it is less than a year long, plus £800 for each month of the course (£600 outside of London) up to a maximum of 2 months.  These funds must have been held for 28 days prior to the application.

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