Top Migration Destinations for Professionals

LinkedIn, the professional social media network, has recently published its migration figures for 2014. Depending on your perspective these figures are either predictable or fairly surprising.

LinkedIn Migration Statistics:

It would appear that in spite of recent economic growth, the UK and US are making a net loss in the migration of LinkedIn users with the highest growth occurring in the UAE, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. Statistics such as these go some way in demonstrating that Middle Eastern mobility especially remains essential for growing businesses across the globe, despite the often complex immigration processes.  It would therefore appear more important than ever that employers maintain an efficient mobilisation process to the Middle East and maintain an up to date understanding of compliance issues.

Within Europe, Switzerland, Germany and Ireland come out as the most popular destinations for professional migrants. Increases in Swiss migration could be put down to economic benefits of lower taxation and exemptions for foreign persons residing in the country, as well as a strong services sector. Germany has both strong services and manufacturing industries, often requiring skills from overseas, contributing to the increase of LinkedIn users. Whilst Ireland was the worst affected by the global economic downturn, resulting in the loss of a number of skilled professionals, its economy is now  showing good signs of recovery. Many professionals are now returning to the country, accounting for the increases.

However, these figures must be viewed cautiously. Upon closer analysis there is an almost inverse relationship between the gross numbers of LinkedIn Members in countries  and their level of migration growth. Even as a percentage of population, the UK and US remain the main client hubs of the network. This could indicate that US and UK figures may have boosted percentage growth in countries with lower populations and fewer LinkedIn users, whilst not receiving a similar boost from return migration due to comparative lack of usage of LinkedIn in countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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