TURKEY: Changes to Work Permit and Residence Permit Applications

From 10th April, those making Work Visa applications at their local Turkish consulate, will no longer be required to submit a separate application to the labour authorities in Turkey. Instead, the Work Permit application will also be made at their local Turkish consulate.  Foreign workers will also no longer be required to attend a police station on arrival in Turkey, to obtain a Residence Permit. Work Permits granted from 10th April will also act as Residence Permits, and will be valid for a maximum period of 12 months. 

As such, Turkish police stations will no longer process and issue Residence Permits or citizenship applications. This comes as part of a series of changes aimed to streamline Work Permits for foreign nationals and decrease the administrative burden on Turkish police. Data relating to foreign nationals” existing work and residence permits is gradually being transferred to the Interior Ministry”s General Directorate of Migration Office. 

Renewals will now be made directly to the Interior Ministry”s General Directorate of Migration Office. It”s expected that by 2015, branch offices will begin opening in order to facilitate a quicker, decentralised service. 

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