UAE: Changes to Application Process for Entry Permit Employment Visas

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) have announced that, foreign nationals applying for entry permit employment visas will have to apply from their home country via a UAE consular service centre prior to entering the UAE.

Who is affected?

Foreign nationals from the following countries will be required to apply from their home country. Consular service centres are available in certain countries currently, with more planned to be introduced by the MOFAIC throughout this year and 2017.









It should be noted that applications for employment residence permit renewals and new residence visa dependant applications are not subject to this new process.

What is the new procedure for those affected?

Foreign nationals have been required to sign an MOHRE-approved letter of offer of employment since 1st January 2016. This practice will continue, along with the applicant being required to visit a UAE consular service centre to submit their biometric data and application documents in order to garner an entry visa endorsement. The applicant should ensure that there is a spare blank page in their passport for the endorsement, in addition to the mandatory two blank pages. The applicant will also have to undergo a medical examination in their home country by an accredited clinic.

The applicant”s employer will be responsible for obtaining a work permit and employment entry permit in the UAE.

Action items

Any foreign national whose home country is listed above should be aware of the new process, and should begin their application for work permit employment visa in their home country via a designated UAE consular service centre.

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