UK: Additional Sponsor Requirements Introduced by Home Office

Further to our article last week, the requirements for British employers sponsoring foreign employees filed after 19th November 2015 have now been issued with additional Sponsor requirements by the Home Office. Where applicable, it will now be required to keep evidence of the applicant”s relevant qualifications and experience on file for a full year after the application has been approved, for each Tier 2 employee.

This will affect sponsors in the Tier 2 (General) and (intra-company transfer) stream, but Tier 4 and Tier 5 Sponsors will also be required to comply with the new initiative. Sponsors are also reminded to keep a detailed and full job description of applicants on file from which the qualifications can be cross checked.

As with other forms of non-compliance, failure to maintain the additional evidence can lead to heavy fines and even the possibility of license revocation. Although the updated changes can be found in the latest relevant Sponsor Guidance we would recommend that, should you remain in any doubt with regards to your company”s compliance, you should consult with a relevant specialist at your earliest convenience.

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