UK: Immigration at Record Levels

Immigration to the UK has risen to a record annual level, with 650,000 migrants in the 12 months according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The net migration figure is now at a near-record 335,000.

Some interesting facts and figures released by the ONS:

  • Most of the period covered by the figures was before the Brexit referendum but includes one week after the vote
  • Net migration to the UK was the second highest figure on record
  • Net migration from the EU was a record breaking 189,000
  • Romania tops the list for the country with the most number of migrants to the UK – with 54,000 people coming to live in Britain replacing India at the top of the table
  • The most common reason for coming to Britain was for employment

Nicola White, the ONS”s Head of International Migration Statistics, said “… net migration remained at record levels [and] are now among the highest estimates recorded – the inflow of EU citizens is also at historically high levels and similar to the inflow of non-EU citizens …”

The increase in net migration figures is likely to intensify the Government”s drive to reduce the number of registered sponsor licence holders within the UK. Our clients are experiencing an increase in Home Office audits and we would recommend that you ensure your business is compliant to mitigate potential licence suspension and fines.

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