UK: Restricted Sponsorship Cap Reached for the second month in a row

Following the unprecedented oversubscription of applications for Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship (RCoS) allocations in June 2015, the Cap was reached yet again in July. 
Information from the UKVI website states that at the July allocation was successful if they scored at least 45 points. Translating the points in a practical manner, it will mean, in most circumstances, jobs that attract a salary above £32,000 have been approved. 
Where applications were refused at the July allocation meeting, Sponsors will need to submit a new request for the same RCoS allocation prior to next month”s deadline, on 5th August 2015. 
The points requirement this month appears to be lower than that in June. For June 2015 this was 50 points, which effectively transcribed to applications with salaries less than £46,000 were refused. However, the excess allocation last month resulted in the points being lowered. With August having a quota of just 1,747 RCoS allocations, it’s more likely that the minimum will return to the 50 points mark. 
We understand that this situation can cause far reaching consequences to employers and affect UK business and businesses must be prepared to plan how they offer salaries to potential new hires. 
Should the above affect you or your business, and you wish to discuss how to proceed further, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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