UK: Sponsorship Licence Holders advised to be Extra Vigilant with Level 1 User Details

The UKVI have today published the following important message to all UK Sponsorship Licence holders:

“Please note and be extra vigilant with the security of Level 1 user details. A number of sponsors have reported that they have been contacted recently by a person claiming to be from UKVI and advising that the SMS system for the sponsor has been locked.

The individual claims that UKVI requires a Level 1 user name and password in order to reactivate the SMS account.

UKVI will never ask a sponsor to divulge SMS login details under any circumstances and sponsors should therefore not comply with any such requests. Providing SMS details to a third party is a breach of sponsor duties and could lead to compliance action being taken.

In another instance, the caller has suggested that the sponsor change their Level 1 user details and provide them to the caller, for which they would be paid £2000 for each CoS assigned. Complying with any such request would constitute a serious breach of sponsor guidance and would lead to the revocation of the sponsor licence”.

It is important that all attempts to obtain Level 1 User access falsely are reported to the UKVI as a matter of urgency.

Sponsors who believe they may have been subject to such action can contact us for further advice.


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