UK: UKVI to Visit Third Party Sites for Compliance Checks

Effective 6th April 2017, UKVI can now audit any third party site as part of an ongoing compliance check.

This includes any premises or physical address where a sponsored migrant carries out their work, such as a third party office or a client site where the employee has been contracted to supply services.

The Home Office guidance has clearly stated that it is the Sponsor’s ‘responsibility to ensure that the third party is aware of the possibility of unplanned and unannounced visits and checks being conducted at their premises and ensure their full cooperation.’

The guidance clearly stipulates that it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that any third party sites are aware of the possibility of an audit by UK Visas and Immigration. The guidance further states that documented evidence is required to confirm the arrangement made between the sponsor and the third party that ensures full cooperation by the third party.

What to do

This signals a significant change in policy which will affect many sponsors. Sponsors will now be required to inform all relevant third party associates and clients of the possibility of an audit by the Home Office.

Newland Chase can provide assistance and information regarding the audit process and the new third party requirement. We recommend that any sponsors that have Tier 2 migrants working at a third party site immediately discuss these changes with their immigration consultant as the new changes are already in operation.

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