UK: Visa Rules Set to Relax for Foreign Tech Workers

The continued development of the technology industry has caused the UK Government to drastically revamp their visa rules for foreign technology specialists. Amid complaints from start-up tech companies and industry leaders that they are failing to recruit the volume of staff needed to reflect their rapid growth, the government is set to relax visa rules so that the process of working in the UK is much simpler for non-EU technology professionals. Although a similar scheme was introduced two years ago by the Prime Minister, it is claimed by technology experts that it failed to satisfy the demands of an industry with such steady progression.

According to Tech City, they received only 19 applications under the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent route, of which 17 were approved. As they have the capacity for 200 per year, this would appear to indicate a shortage of opportunities which the government is now hoping will be resolved by simplifying the application process. There could also be a case to say that this route would benefit from more awareness and understanding, a joint role for both Tech City and immigration firms.

The rule changes, set to come into effect next month, seek to address the apparent skills shortage and ensure that prosperous technology companies have the pool of talent needed to fulfil their ambitions. The aim of the scheme is to fill recognised gaps in particular skill areas, fast-tracking applicants with “exceptional promise” within their field.

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