VIETNAM: Multi-Entry Business Visas must be applied for in advance of travel

What has changed?

On the 7th January 2013 the Vietnamese Immigration Department (VID) announced a change to its immigration policy in respect of three-month multi-entry Business Visas on Arrival (BVOAs).

Previously, these visas were available to nationals from specified countries and allowed an individual to enter the country carrying a letter of authorisation and apply for the visa at a designated port of entry.

However, according to the new policy, letters of authorisation for three-month multi-entry BVOAs will no longer be issued by the VID and instead this visa must be applied for from abroad in the applicant”s country of nationality or residence.

How does this affect you?

The change will affect foreign nationals who have applied for a Vietnamese work and residence permit, but are required to travel for business purposes while the permit application is pending in Vietnam. 

Companies should be aware that assignees who need to travel to Vietnam on business and at short notice, and who fit the criteria, can only apply for a three-month, single-entry Business Visa on Arrival.

We will be monitoring the situation closely and advise any individuals who have concerns regarding the new rules to seek assistance from their immigration advisor.

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