Visa process facilitated and simplified for Kazakh business men

Charles Hendry, the Prime Minister”s Trade Envoy, has stated at the 17th meeting of the Kazakh-British Trade and Industry Council that the UK will be facilitating the issuance of business visas for Kazakh business men and women by introducing an expedited visa process.

The special visa program has been launched during the Prime Minister”s visit to Kazakhstan, which essentially means that business visas to the UK for Kazakh citizens will be issued in two to three days provided certain criteria are met.  Another indication that progress with trade relations is being made between the UK and Kazakhstan is the new launch of direct flights between Astana and London by Air Astana from 29th October 2013.

Kazakhstan”s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and New Technology, Asset Issekeshev, added that as a result of talks between David Cameron and the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the two countries have agreed to deepen their bilateral relations.

Mr Nazerbayev also stated, “There”s a vast UK business delegation headed by Mr Hendry. We are discussing new projects in pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, machinery building and some other realms. Hopefully, we will launch specific projects to attract technology and management to Kazakhstan.”

This is obviously very positive news and will hopefully ensure that trade relations will continue to strengthen between the two countries going forward.

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