UK Spouse visa refused because you were aged between 18-20? Apply for a review!

Following the article we published yesterday, UKBA has issued new policy guidance which primarily affects applicants whose applications for entry clearance or leave as a fianc√©(e), proposed civil partner, spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner or same-sex partner were refused under paragraphs 277, 289AA, or 295AA of the Immigration Rules solely because they or their sponsor were aged between 18 and 20.  This policy applies to those whose applications were refused on that basis between 27 November 2008 and October 2011. This applies to all spouse visa applications made within or outside the UK.

The new policy guidance explains how applicants affected by the judgment can request a review of an earlier spouse visa refusal due to the age requirement by 31 May 2012.

For assistance with either the preparation of a spouse visa application, or a review of a spouse visa refusal please contact us.

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