Make your views known!

We received correspondence this week to inform us that the UK Border Agency is currently reviewing the Codes of Practices (also known as Standard Occupational Classification codes).  The Codes are designed to help employers assess whether the vacancy they wish to fill will meet the skill level and appropriate rate of pay to enable them to employ a non-EEA national in the role.

It seems that in May 2012 the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) will initiate a wider review of the Codes of Practice generally, but in the interim period UKBA want to review migrant salary levels of certain specified sectors and occupations within the Codes.

We have been asked for our opinion regarding planned salary increases for Code 2125: Chemical Engineers, before these changes are formally published.

The current salaries are:

  • Non Chartered Chemical Engineer £26,500
  • Chartered Chemical Engineer £36,000

Proposed salaries are:

  • Graduate Posts £28,000
  • Non Chartered Chemical Engineer £37,050
  • Chartered Chemical Engineer £48,300

Clearly, there is a significant increase planned for the salary thresholds which must be met for all of the occupations listed above.  We wonder how this will affect employers – will this cause them difficulties?

We’d really like to hear your comments on the proposals listed above so please drop us a line by the 10th February 2012!


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