MOZAMBIQUE: Deadline to Submit Annual Employees List Imminent

April 20, 2017

Mozambican companies have until Sunday 30th April 2017 to submit their annual Mozambican Company Employees List.

Employers must complete the Mozambican Company Employees List (or Relação Nominal) each year which must list all individuals, including both local hires and foreign nationals, employed as of 31st March of that year. The list must be submitted to the Ministry of Labor between 1st and 30th April inclusive.

Failure to submit the list within the required timeframe will result in the company being deemed non-compliant. This could have an impact on business as any non-compliant company will be unable to apply for new long-term work permits or renewals until the matter has been rectified as per the instructions of the Ministry of Labor.

Our advice

All Mozambican companies should submit their Mozambican Company Employees List to the Ministry of Labor no later than Sunday 30th April 2017 in order to avoid penalties.

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