Business Travel Assessment

With the complexity of global travel, companies are under increasing pressure to ensure their business travelers are compliant with the national laws and requirements of the countries to which they travel. Available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, our Business Travel Assessment (BTA) is the best-in-class travel compliance solution – integrating automated online technology and human experience, knowledge, and legal expertise.

Business Travel Assessment (BTA) provides:

  • Personalised assessment of activities and destination with a returned result within two hours or less – the right visa, every time, for any traveler, going anywhere in the world
  • Assurance letter certifying that the traveler is entering under the legally correct category
  • Border crossing letter customized for the traveler to facilitate entry into their destination
  • Destination fact sheet about what to anticipate at immigration entry points
  • Step-by-step guidance for all travel visa and work authorization procurements
  • Customized reporting for travel managers, HR professionals, and mobility teams