SAUDI ARABIA: Overstaying Penalties and Introductory Letter Changes

March 31, 2016

Overstaying Penalties

The General Directorate of the passport office (Al Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia, has announced that it will be enforcing strict penalties on any expat that overstays their visa terms.

Al Jawazat has advised that all visa holders should pay close attention to the terms of their visa and no overstay, or they will face severe penalties.

Companies are also required to keep diligent records of how long their employee”s spend in the country, and ensure that this is in line with their visa terms.

Failure to adhere to the rules could result in a monetary fine of up to 50,000 SAR and six months imprisonment, which will be followed by deportation, and could result in a ban from visiting Saudi Arabia altogether.

Business Introductory Letter Changes

From Tuesday 29th March 2016, all business introductory letters provided in support of requests for commercial visit visas, working visit visas or businessman visit visas, must be on company letter headed paper, originally signed and certified by the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Newland Chase is able to facilitate obtaining the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certification for your UK Business letter.  Please email us at [email protected] for assistance with this.

You can also email [email protected] for further information on Saudi Arabian immigration.