Our Approach

Our ultimate aim is to get your people in the right place at the right time whilst managing your business expectations. However, our approach also involves a focus on mitigating your exposure to the risks of non-compliance, whilst being flexible enough to meet the business and assignee’s needs. In doing our job well, the immigration process can be looked on as a formality that we simply help your assignees to navigate, whilst they (and you) focus on the bigger picture for the business.

Our emphasis is on:

  • Acting as a trusted business advisor to your organisation to minimise exposure to financial penalties
  • Minimising the inconvenience and time spent transferring your assignees
  • Keeping your HR teams fully informed at each stage of the process from initiation of a case to completion and being on hand for any follow-up queries once the assignee arrives in the host country
  • Providing timely visa expiration reminders

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